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Relationship Therapy and Counselling in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

How can relationship therapy and counselling help me?

Relationship therapy offers a wide range of different benefits for a wide range of different relationships. Our relationships often sit at the centre of our lives and can be impacted by all forms life events. Benefits might include a fresh perspective and the chance to break free from frustrating and unhelpful patterns.

Counselling also provides a chance to work through individual issues and emotional distress. It provides a supportive approach at times of difficulty and also when you feel there’s a need for positive change. It allows you to explore new ways of coping and options to address troubling issues.

To make the most of counselling and relationship therapy it helps to take an ownership of the difference you can make. This is aided by the chance to work through any issues, talk about them and to process the feelings involved.

A course of sessions can help with..

  • Working through communication problems or patterns of arguing
  • Processing loss and working through grief
  • Rebuilding bonds following a fracture or break in trust
  • Finding your way through issues surrounding the complexities of identity
  • Balancing the pressures of student life or working through professional challenges
  • Identifying helpful coping mechanisms to manage anxious thoughts
  • Facing the emotional complexities of separation or divorce
  • Fostering a safe and supportive family life
  • Working with and celebrating difference
  • Building on confidence and feelings of self-esteem
  • Looking at new ways to reach out and build a network of support
  • Establishing and maintaining goals, boundaries and/or personal accomplishments.

Student counselling rate available with valid NUS ID only

Counselling, Lincoln, Counselling Room

Your counsellor Isobel trained with Relate and the University of East Anglia, is a qualified practitioner and a registered member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Isobel specialises in support for those experiencing difficulties in managing work-related and relationship issues. This might include explorations of communication patterns, working through the complexities of working relationships or even unpacking thoughts around self-belief and esteem.

Any therapeutic approach to your sessions will be agreed together and will draw on theoretical models and techniques including systemic family counsellingpsycho-dynamic counsellingperson-centred counsellingcognitive behavioural therapy and focusing-oriented psychotherapy. To find out more visit the BACP directory or counselling directory pages.