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Privacy Policy

7 Swans Counselling is a therapy service and stores data only for therapeutic purposes.

Data is collected using a client’s name, age, address, email, telephone number, demographic, GP details and clinical requirements. This is used for initial assessment and for session bookings.

Storing System

Clients’ data is stored in hardcopy form using a system of client code reference numberings, to anonymise any notes.

Clients’ records are stored using bacpac. Mayden, the company behind bacpac has over a decade of experience handling confidential patient data. Mayden is ISO 27001:2013 accredited. This internationally recognised information security management standard ensures that a business has stringent processes in place to ensure data confidentiality and to identify, manage and reduce risks to information security.

Session Notes

Any hand-written notes taken during the sessions are not retained. A brief factual precis of the session is stored using the bacpac system.

Sharing Data

A brief outline of work is required to allow for interim referral [to an alternative counsellor] in the event of your counsellor’s ill-health or incapacitation. Also for ethical purposes, where casework might be discussed anonymously within the confines of professional clinical supervision.

On occasion when additional professional or medical support is required, this may involve a referral which will include the sharing of information. If it is deemed most appropriate for the protection a client’s wellbeing, professional or medical services will be contacted directly, in accordance with safeguarding responsibilities.

Other than for the purpose of referral, 7 Swans Counselling will not share your data and will not use your data for marketing purposes.

Hardcopy Data

Hardcopy Data is stored in within a lockable filing cabinet. Client records are kept throughout the duration of the work and for a further 5 years.